Attendance Record

Smart People’s attendance record solution consists of a multi-device platform that makes it possible to manage and report staff attendance, both the company’s employees and outsourced staff, and both staff working at fixed locations and those working in multiple locations.

Smart People offers a set of tools that make it easy to report tasks and settle worked hours, enabling the flexibilization of labor rules and employees’ contracts according to each company’s specific needs.

All news reported from different devices (phone, tablet, computer, IVR and clocks, both new and existing ones) is recorded in the system, making it possible to have reports and alerts in real time.

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Projects and Tasks

Group or individual task assignment. Notification by email or mobile app.


Tasks can have an associated form, configurable according to each company’s needs. Employees must fill out the form at the end of each task.

Geofencing (polygons)

Employees can be associated to certain polygons: areas marked out on a map, within which the employees can/ will have to report certain tasks.

Attached files

When a task is finished, it is possible to attach files to it (a photo or other documents) so that the manager can have access to them.

QR code scan

QR code scan can be connected to task fulfillment

Equipment and product delivery

The equipment or product delivery is certified through the app.

Types of tasks

Sequential, single (non-sequential) or free

Management, Reports and Alerts

Both companies and employees will be able to get different types of attendance and task compliance reports.

and export

All attendance reports, linked to working rules and employee contracts, may be used to settle a specific period and exported in pdf or csv format.

and approval

Dynamic screens for managers, where worked hours can be modified, deleted and approved/ rejected.

Integration with
external systems

Integration through Webservices / API with CRM, ERP and salary systems.

Employees’ leaves
of absence

All the granted leaves of absence can be visualized.

Unsatisfactory reports and real-time alerts

It contains those records where an employee clocked in but did not clock out, or vice versa, late arrivals or departures. Real-time alerts.


It is possible to see who is present or who is absent that day.

Pro Module – Work Rules and Settlement of hours worked

A combination of different work rules for payment: multiple time ranges per day; fixed, rotating or alternative shifts; holidays and leaves of absence; overtime, to mention but a few.

Work rules

Multiple time ranges per day
Rest hours (lunch, tea time, etc.)
Tolerance for each of the time ranges
Fixed, rotating or alternative shifts

Holidays and leaves of absence

Employees’ holidays and leaves of absence can be set

Time Variables

Surcharge percentage
Missing compensation formulas
Overflow of accumulated hour limits
Rounding off (lower / higher / centered)


Combination of different work rules
Applied on groups of employees or individually


Fast and simple management of attendance reports, projects and tasks from a web platform

Pro Module – Work rules, settlement of hours worked and attendance reports

Geolocation, Geofencing and biometric verification

Communication and notifications

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