Real-Time Digital Audits

Smart People’s Audit solution consists of a multifunctional multi-device platform that
encompasses all the auditing process in a comprehensive and digital manner.

There are two different ways to perform audits with Smart People’s platform. It is possible to perform audits with both the company’s own staff and outsourced staff. In both cases, information digitization and management agility are key to achieving a superior outcome.

The use of mobile technologies enables companies to have audit reports (start and end), access to the audit history, and to carry out digital form filling, thus generating an electronic medical record.

As a result, healthcare companies will leverage the collection of digital information to get automatically-made reports and real-time alerts.


Fast and simple management with a web platform

Audits with the company’s own staff and outsourced staff

Authorization generation and compliance control

Digital forms and electronic medical record generation

Audit start/end mobile report with geolocation

Audit history review

Real-time alerts and reports

In-app email and (push) notifications

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