Electronic Medical Record (EMR / EHR)

We are contributing to the creation of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) of doctor’s visits in clinics, hospitals and homes and audit processes. We send information in real time to databases that can analyze the information, find patterns and help provide the patient with a better service.

Mobile report and form-filling

With Smart People’s Home Hospitalization solution, all professionals who visit patients can report in real time the patient’s state of health using their mobile devices and sending digital forms to the medical insurance’s Electronic Medical Record repository.

Digitization and transformation

Healthcare data analytics is one of the cornerstones that enable this transformation. Having an EMR means computerizing the entire healthcare process. To achieve this, we support change at an organizational level, taking into account the needs of all the actors involved.

Time and space

With Smart People, the switch to EMR will not require computers, electrical wiring or a large amount of electricity, which would imply huge costs. And above all, it will not take time, since the information is automatically collected when everyday tasks are carried out.

Real-time data

A single and centralized electronic medical record.

It is easier to have a single medical record: the fragmentation that currently exists in many institutions, among medical records of outpatient offices, emergency rooms and hospitalization is done away with.


Standardized data entry and the compulsory use of some fields to change screens lower the chances of slips and mistakes.

Patient-centered and value-based care. Predictive analytics to improve results.

The use of artificial intelligence helps to understand patterns in the EMR and to improve service quality and coordination