Equipment Supply Management & Control

Smart People enables companies to manage the whole supply process: from the doctor’s prescription, the assignment of the prescription to a service provider, to the delivery reported from an app that enables compliance control, which can be carried out both by the medical insurance company and the service provider.

Micro-ecosystem for medical insurance companies and service providers, based on a dynamic multi-device platform, where each actor carries out the tasks pertaining to him/her. The process begins with the doctor’s prescription, which must be authorized and assigned to a service provider by the medical insurance company.

The equipment supplier will assign the service to the staff, who will be notified by email and a (push) notification. The staff will deliver the equipment, previously recorded on the digital catalog (stock), each unit being identified with a single QR code. When the equipment is delivered, the staff will report the activity through the mobile app - with geolocation - and will ask for a photo and the QR scan of the assigned delivery. The system links the equipment to the medical insurance card-holder and the equipment is automatically withdrawn from the service provider's stock (temporarily).

All the tasks performed are recorded in the system, making it possible to have real-time reports searchable by service provider, doctor’s prescription or patient, both for the medical insurance company and for the equipment supplier.


Equipment supply. Authorization and assignment to service providers

Use of mobile app to report compliance. QR code scan

Updated digital catalog and stock. Unregistering items from stock and linking products to patients.

Fast and easy management with the web platform

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