High-Cost Medication Tracking

Smart People's high-cost medication tracking solution consists of a multi-device platform that makes it possible to manage the whole drug supply process: from the manufacturer, distributors and pharmacies, to the delivery and the patient’s intake.

A micro-ecosystem for manufacturers and medical insurance companies, based on a multi-device platform.

With Smart People high-cost medication can be tracked throughout the whole logistics process, from manufacturing laboratory to the patient. There are two possible procedures to choose from: the QR code stuck on the medicine box must be scanned at each pick-up/ delivery point (factory, distributor, pharmacy and patient’s home), OR, in case the carriers do not have the app, it is possible to include a GPS tracking device in the medicine box.

Besides, the medication can have an intelligent blister, which detects when the medication is removed from it and notifies Smart People, the manufacturer and the medical insurance company in real time.

All the tasks performed are recorded in the system, enabling real-time reports, both for the medical insurance company and for the drug manufacturer.


Compliance control by QR code scan and GPS

Fast and easy management with a web platform

Mobile pick-up/delivery report with geolocation, and real-time alerts. Smart blister.

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