Medical Service Valoration

Patient valoration of the provided medical service through a mobile app. Possibility to score qualitatively and descriptively in relation to a medical center, area of attention, service, examination or professional. The system can be stand-alone or integrated to existing software.

Businesses have been putting the customer at the center of their strategy for decades. Adopting a customer-centric strategy, businesses are building their company around the customer to ensure their customers remain satisfied with relationship and receive value from their products and services.
Business leaders in the healthcare sector are now relying on patients metrics as a way of measuring progress. Using customer health scores that meet these criteria will ensure decisions are based on information that is meaningful and real. Establishing the measurement quality of the customer health score gives senior executives the confidence they need to use it as part of their decision-making process.

With this solution it is possible to obtain valuations of the service provided with any desired focus, by patient, by area, by doctor or treatment. The application can be stand-alone or integrated to the existing software.

The bottom line: a good customer health score provides information that is reliable, valid and useful.


Service valoration with mobile app

Stand-alone system or integrated with existing software

Valoration regarding several focus

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