Staff and equipment real-time location in hospitals

Real-Time Location System (RTLS) which provides actionable location data of staff, equipment and patients across the entire healthcare company.

This solution comprises various tags and badges, technology platforms (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, Low Frequency and others), hardware infrastructure, readers and servers.

Location sensors are attached to various assets, be it a patient, a staff member or a piece of equipment. Utilizing a unique ID, the system can locate the tags and give you real-time information about their location within the facility.

More than just locating assets, this accurate locating technology that easily integrates with other Healthcare IT solutions enables facilities to improve workflow, reduce costs and increase clinical quality.


Increased caregiver productivity

Real-time data on the movements of caregivers allows you to understand – and then improve – clinical workflows. By comparing nursing movements and time spent with specific patient populations, you can design balanced patient assignments that reflect the actual numbers of care tasks and time required.


This platform can integrate seamlessly with both existing and new applications including Nurse Call, Electronic Health Records, Capacity Management, Bed Management, Asset Management, among others.

Easy Installation

The devices are battery-powered, easy to install and can leverage existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Update Speed

Locations are rapidly updated, capturing interactions among equipment, patients and staff within seconds.

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