Transfer Control

Smart People’s transfer solution consists of a multi-device platform which enables management and compliance of the whole transfer process: either scheduled or unexpected transfers, carrying disabled patients or staff.

A micro-ecosystem for medical insurance companies and transfer service providers, based on a dynamic multi-device platform, where each actor carries out the tasks pertaining to him/her. The process begins with the doctor’s prescription, which must be authorized and assigned to a service provider by the medical insurance company.

The equipment supplier assigns the service to the staff, who is notified in his/her mobile app. When the transfer service is provided, the staff reports compliance by means of a mobile app, verified with geolocation.

All the tasks performed are recorded in the system, making it possible to have real-time reports searchable by service provider, service order or patient, both for the medical insurance company and for the transfer service provider.


Fast and easy management through a web platform. Authorization and assignment to service providers

Use of mobile app to report compliance. Verification by geolocation

Service summary for invoicing purposes

Real-time alerts and reports

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