Workforce Replacement Management System

Smart People's Replacement solution makes it easy to call substitute employees in the event of unexpected absenteeism of nurses and nursing assistants.

In many hospitals and clinics, the absence of nurses and nursing assistants without prior notice or without enough notice time in advance is common practice. With Smart People app, this bad habit will no longer be a problem. When staff is needed, the manager will be able to create a request in the platform, which will be sent to all the available substitute applicants via email and push notification in their phone apps. All those who can work that shift will apply, using the app. The manager will approve the most suitable applications, and employees will be notified. Smart People system will not only notify substitute employees so that they can work the assigned shift, but also HR staff who keeps track of employees’ worked hours and security staff who grants access to the premises.


Calls to work shifts which are vacant due to unexpected absenteeism

Mobile app for nurses/nursing assistants and web platform for managers

Substitute employees are notified of open positions and the selection of their applications

HR and security staff are notified about substitutions

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