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Technological platform; App ecosystem for HealthCare process digitalization and optimization, integrating and connecting patient-centered technologies.

Our company

Smart People provides solutions to improve process and staff productivity and efficiency.
Smart People works with both large and small organizations.


The company begins by addressing the Healthcare Sector, which faces the greatest challenges in terms of digitalization and resource and process optimization and will later on expand to other sectors such as Security, Human Resources, Education, SMEs, Corporate and Governmental.

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Our mission

SmartPeople enables its customers to have an edge on the competition and capitalize on technological revolution. Business process digitalization, automation and optimization, improved management and efficiency through apps and data analytics, and employee productivity optimization lie at the core of our aims.

Our vision

Smart People was created to provide its customers with a technological innovation channel which redefines the way they do business.

Our team

SmartPeople's team has been made driven by the premise “the only way to do great work is to love what you do”. SmartPeople is made up of a passionate group of professionals from many different areas, with one point of convergence: love for innovation, new technologies… and thinking out of the box. We are creators, leaders and entrepreneurs who try new things and challenge conventions. We believe in people who enjoy taking up new challenges. We believe in commitment. We believe in synergy. This is us!

Our Platform

  • SMART PEOPLE provides a safe environment in the cloud for business process digitalization and optimization.
  • SMART PEOPLE is a comprehensive ecosystem which provides end-to-end digital solutions, management and compliance control
  • SMART PEOPLE offers consulting, setup, configuration, implementation and training.
  • SMART PEOPLE makes it possible to have effective data management and optimal compliance, owing to improved reports.
  • SMART PEOPLE Outsourcing Services: Smart People is responsible for the platform’s operational management.
  • SMART PEOPLE reduces administrative burden and keeps important information organized and safe, processing data in real time.
  • SMART PEOPLE reduces manual tasks, generating more transparent, detailed and meaningful information, and greater data visualization to identify trends and make informed decisions.
  • SMART PEOPLE contributes to seamless communication with staff, through a customized bi-directional communication center and the notification of tasks and projects in the employees’ mobile apps and/or email inbox.