We believe that companies have great responsibility when it comes to protecting the planet and helping take care of the environment. Therefore, we work to make sure we are playing a key role in creating a sustainable future and serving the interests of all our stakeholders: our employees, customers, partners, communities and, ultimately, the environment.

Smart people is proud to deliver customers a carbon neutral cloud and to contribute -by means of our groundbreaking technology- to the decrease of the use of paper in companies around the world. Moreover, we are currently leveraging our people, tech and resources to help environmental causes.

As we consider the development of renewables as an important part of a sustainability strategy, we have sponsored the creation of Homebiogas.

Homebiogas develops biodigesters that convert organic waste to clean renewable energy. They are the most advanced, compact, comprehensive, and cost- effective anaerobic digesters that convert organic waste and animal manure into clean cooking biogas and filtered, liquid, organic fertilizer, while maintaining the highest safety and health standards.

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It is a big responsibility and honor to be taking part in contributing to a global shift towards clean energy.